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This is a photographic memoir of my life and times. To start at the beginning I was born May 27 in Monterey, California. Take a peek at my baby picture (wasn't I just the cutest!!) I am a GRADUATE of TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY. I obtained my civil engineering degree specializing in environmental engineering in 1998. I am from San Antonio, TX and here I am at my parents' house. I was very involved in student organizations while at A&M.

Yes I am involved with the most wonderful, spiritual and handsome black man ever. I am blessed every day to have him as not only a best friend but also my soul mate for life..

I`m from Texas...and Praise God I`ve just gotten a brand new job!!! Yes I am now a web architect and I just moved to Seattle, Washington.

I am a Delta and my Younger brother is a Que named:

Visit My Baby Brother`s BlackPlanet page and sign his book- he`s NEW!!! And YES that`s him Hoppin and bein OWT winning a step show!

I have been blessed with a supportive, Christian family who are just the most wonderful in the world!!!! These are my parents, Herb and Dianne. My brother is named Rodney (he's jumping way high into the air) who is two years younger than I am (this is a pic of us when we were little) who also attends Texas A&M. He is my "double brother" because he is also in Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. I have a sister named Tee who lives in Nashville, TN. My family is very close and I am so very proud of my Mom who received her DOUBLE master's degree from Webster University May, 1997 and my Dad who received his Masters from Webster University March 1998!!!! I love you both!

In Fall 1995 I pledged the Omicron Omega Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. I am #13 of the 30 Degrees of Eminent Knowledge and my Line Sisters are the best!!!!!

Here is a very recent picture that a friend drew of me: Pretty good likeness I think!!! :)

visit me at Black Planet

Other pics

I'm in the white dress chillin with sorors
Sorors and Bruh at tha Bayou Classic (I have on the DST windbreaker)
Sorors and Bruhz bein OWT at tha Classic
My Sorors at PlayDay 1996: our annual day for the Bryan/College Station Community with games, food, and fun
My Brother and my Line Sisters (he's throwin up the Que and has on his Q Psi Phi hat)
Friends: These are some of my line sisters heading out to Jabberwok (an annual scholarship pageant for high school girls)
Sorors: These are some of my line sisters working hard at one of our programs. In the center of the picture is my spec Angela from Langston University


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